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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Probaby a good thing I'm medicated.

It's probably a good thing that I'm medicated for my depression and anxiety. If I wasnt, I'm not sure how I would be coping right now. It's pretty fucking sad when you only have $40 in your bank account and need groceries and diapers for your kids. My brain hurts....really hurts....I'm doing all I can to sell any unnecessary baby stuff that we have laying around here like the pack and play, their infant seats, old clothes...etc. Last month I broke down and sold jewelry. That fucking hurt. I didnt even get half of what I originally paid back in 99. I don't dare say anything to my mom about it, they're having enough problems on their own without having to listen to my whining.

Sorry, just having a pity party for myself today. The birth to 3 people were here to work with the twins today. I had a slight breakdown when Amy asked me if I was OK. I felt like such a loser. So overwhelmed with them lately, especially with their eating quirks. Charlotte is still refusing to feed herself and eats almost nothing and John won't just take a bite of something and chew and swallow, he futzes with it and ends up mainly wearing it or chucking it on the floor.....I feed them 365 days 3 times a day and when I ask the other parent to feed them on weekends, it still ends up being me...needless to say, I'm not going to ask anymore.

Again, I apologize for being a downer and don't expect anyone to give a crap, just venting.

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