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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My rant about the Duggars

First off, here's the twins enjoying their first taste of solid amusement.

Onto the matter at hand today....The Duggars and their premature baby. OK it's heartbreaking and miraculous all at the same time. Do you think they'd LEARN?? Lord no, sources say Michelle says if God wants her to have more then she will. Jim Bob needs to get SNIPPED!! The fact that his wife and child could've died and he'll do nothing to guarantee that can't happen again?! He's a selfish prick. I think they should be grateful as hell that they have had 18 perfectly healthy children. Do they not realize the possible complications she's going to have for years? No of course not as long as Jim Bob gets some poontang, that's apparently the only really important thing. I'm super annoyed about this for some reason. I think he uses his wife as a sperm dumpster, keeps her barefoot and pregnant and he's teaching all his daughters that this is their sole purpose in life too...yep, that's the main thing that pisses me off. His sons think all women are good for is to feed them and fuck them and make babies. SCREW THAT! Anyone tell these fools what century we are in? Just curious. I think a judge so put a stop to Jim Bob and his overactive penis. I may have to petition for this. I'm seriously disgusted with them. I'm sorry but a vagina is not a clown car.

My mom will be here in approximately 6 hours. Pardon me while I do the Snoopy dance. *tappity tappity tappity*

Another rant. Please Foodnetwork, I do NOT need the over pronunciation of Italian words, please make Giada stop it. Also, Guy Fieri's last name is pronounced "Fee-air-e" not "Fee-etty" so STOP IT!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ok I'm tired but why am I SO tired?

Ok I am beyond tired, I am exhausted. My entire body hurts like all my bones are about to break. I can barely crawl out of bed, feels like everything is shutting down.

The babies are both eating rice cereal at night now in hopes that Charlotte will learn to sleep through the night if her tummy is full. Last night was epic fail. She woke at 2:45 and didnt go back down til after 4AM. She's so far today, pooped 5 times!! What the hell? Is that even normal? Poor John can barely squeeze 1 out in 48 hours and he's pure misery til he does. Right now he's succumbed to taking a late nap because he's making momma NUTS. She's in her swing fighting it all the way, I may go mental in a few minutes. I just want them to be happy and not be in discomfort.

Nana is coming tomorrow (hoping not to have any flight delays). I get relief for 2 weeks thank you lord! She may even stay even longer depending on how things go and if she doesnt feel like going home. I'm cool with it.

Well, I'm watching What would Brian Boitano Make? which is the best show ever. Seriously it is! Everyone should watch it, makes people happy :)

I'm out.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hurt feelings, emotion overload..not sure about my future anymore

I need to post this picture so I remember why I am still breathing. I am in a very bad space right now. I have spent the last week being tortured by the quintessential queen of passive aggressive behavior. How someone can compliment and insult you in the same breathe amazes me. I have been put down about a million times and always with a smile. My feelings are beyond hurt. It's not OK when someone is feeding your child and says all in a lovey dovey voice "Oh let me feed you and I won't overfeed you so maybe this time you won't throw up my honey" or when one of my babies wakes up for a minute from a nap and I say "yeah they'll go back to sleep, they do that all the time" (which they DO) then said person sits in front of them and starts bloody talking to them, thus stimulating them and then they won't nap and I deal with constant meltdowns ALL DAY BECAUSE YOU WON'T LET THEM SLEEP!! Also, coughing like a lung is going to dislodge itself from your chest wakes them and I don't appreciate it being followed by "and why are YOU awake?"after one of them wakes up screaming. Then I hear phone calls and we pretend I'm not in the room and say things like "well John had himself a little, I have no idea WHY that would keep happening" and then shooting me looks like I'm fucking Satan.

I am officially not sure of my future. I'm not in a competition but apparently they didnt get that memo and think we are. No matter how I am treated or how others act towards me and my children, I will always come in last. I am aware of that now completely.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Blonde again and my babies turn 5 months on Sunday

My babies turn 5 months in 2 days. I may cry. I cannot get over how big they are. Especially John. He's like 16 pounds, it's like picking up a big turkey and he's not helpful when you do. His sister is helpful, she stiffens herself and arches her back so you can get her. I think it's mainly because she wants to be held 24/7 whereas he's a bit more independent.

Yeah the pic of me is bad, that was before I had my roots done and most of my hair chopped off again. But John is SO happy in this pic.

Grandma W is here visiting, it's nice that I can do things like get my hair done and have lunch without taking the babies with me. I'm not feeling that great too so it's good she's here.

Having lunch with Euricka today and telling them that no, I'm not coming back. Unless they offer me a 6 figure salary which won't happen in any world so whatever, not sweating it.

Very tired and not in typical humor today, but it's Friday so that's good and I'm having sushi for lunch which rocks.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She slept through the night! *tappity tappity*

Happy St. Patrick's Day y'all!! My baby girl slept from 10PM til 5AM this morning and I'm thrilled! I think it was because Barry woke her from her late afternoon nap and then we gave her a bath. She then had a major allergy attack so I made him close the porch and turn on the AC. It's like freaking summer here in LA already. There is no breeze and it's just hot so I had the AC on all day yesterday so the babies were protected from the elements.

So I've been up since 5AM and did not go back to bed. Watched the Wake Up LA morning crew with Chris Schauble, he rocks. Now onto the Today Show..hoping not to have to look at Jenna Bush Hager today...maybe she's on her father always was...ugh.

MIL shows up in the next 2 hours till next Wednesday. Nice to have someone around to help out with the babies....but she's not my mom so it's different. I was not amused when I had the MIL conversation with my spouse who informed me that he "understood about feeling threatened". WTF? Excuse me? Hold the phone.....I love this man, I truly do BUT he occasionally has the brain of a damned turnip. I don't feel threatened by her. I flat out don't trust the person I find asleep dangling my baby off the bloody COUCH! Pardon Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for not wanting my children harmed. Does my MIL love the babies? OF COURSE SHE DOES! Do I like my MIL? YES I DO! BUT, she's not MY mother so be quiet! Not only that but I'm Irish so I never, EVER forget when someone has done wrong to me or those I love. So I don't get over things....ever.

Well, it's time to watch Matt Lauer and try and drink my coffee...oh and I have to finish watching AI to see how horrible some of these people are. I am still pissed they booted off mullet kid last week. He was WAY better than token Latino kid. Also, disgusted that Lily girl was totally shocked since she's not very good and needs to get over herself. She was on Ellen yesterday and yeah, I still dislike her.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Had a feeling it was a matter of time...

Got a call last night from my old job asking if I'd come "think about it and discuss it with my husband and call back today"....ok, first off, didn't really need to discuss with Barry, he shares the same opinion on this that I do. Not going back. Unless they offer me a good 75K a year seeing as how it would be managing 4 offices which I know darn well that they'll laugh that out of the park. Then 5 minutes later, the girl I worked with called and asked me if I wanted to do their marketing from home.....hold on, I haven't stopped laughing over that one the hell am I supposed to do that without proper software and oh yeah, TIME?! Christ, being on the computer for more than 4 minutes is damn near impossible. No, I can't do it when Barry gets home because he has to do his marketing on the computer..... not only that but I have heard how badly everything has blown up and that is a mess I want nothing to do with. The conversation kept me awake last night, just the idea of how much work needs to be done to get things back to civil happy order and it makes me want to throw up. How did things get so messed up? I just don't understand....

Not only am I not going back because it won't cover childcare but we are thinking of moving back East so either way, they'd need to find someone else. Plus, I just adore my babies so much, I cannot stomach the idea of leaving them in the care of people I don't know personally or trust so there you have it.

Well, I finally got a shower in, so we get to venture off to Target again for formula...Charlotte fell asleep before I hit the shower and John whimpered himself out. Poor boy keeps trying to poop so it's exhausting him....

Well, just wanted to pop in today, things to do and it's bloody hot out so I have the kids in cool clothes today....and they match which is so FREAKING CUTE!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who has 2 thumbs and doesnt give a shit that Corey Haim died?

Me! My god I hate the media and I loathe Hollywood even more. No one with possibly the exception of his mother and Corey Feldman gives a shit that Corey Haim died! If he'd died from natural causes or cancer or something then I'd feel bad but he was a junkie and it was because of his addiction that he died. Case closed, move on please. So sick of "flu like symptoms" COME ON! He was on freaking drugs that had nothing to do with the flu! UGH!!! Nyquil certainly didnt kill him, unless he drank 70 gallons of it.

Moving on, that was my morning rant but I feel another one brewing. Also today, Miss Charlotte has decided she is not going to sleep for more than 4 hours at a clip at night. I damn near had a nervous breakdown at 4AM. Mommy is TIRED.

Ok onto rant #2. Lindsay Lohan, PISS OFF WITH YOUR FRIVOLOUS LAW SUIT! Seriously? I mean SERIOUSLY? You think you're the only one with that horrible name? You are not Madonna, Cher or even Hoda so shut your hole! It's not all about YOU, it never was and never will be! No one in the world associated your horriblness with that commercial and anyone who says they did is a liar! Etrade needs to sue her lawyer and make them pay billions to the courts for even bringing this up, it's sad and pathetic and again, I will say to the media, STOP FEEDING INTO THIS! STOP REPORTING THESE STORIES! If they don't report them, then they'll GO AWAY!

Ok need to calm down and wait for a baby to wake up so we can get ready for a formula run.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No sleep make mommy cranky

See this sweet face sleeping? Yeah keep it in your memory since it rarely happens anymore. Now, first off, I have to tell you that I'm a horrible mother. I say this because like a total fool, I put a little neosporin on her head the other night because she scratched it and her entire body is now covered in a gnarly red rash. She had an allergic reaction. I can only imagine how much worse it would've been had I used more than a tiny drop! Oh my god you just don't know the guilt I feel over this. She doesnt seem all that bothered about it, we took her to urgent care and they said it should be gone within a week. We'll see. I have to wash her hair now with Head and Shoulders because her cradle cap is so gross. My perfect little baby doll with her porcelain skin looks like a scaly, crusty lobster. I'm going to hell.

So I don't really have a lot going on other than my children getting bigger by the minute which still shocks me, the way they change day to day, it's amazing.

My mom is coming to visit at the end of the month and I cannot wait! I need her so badly it hurts. My mother in law is arriving next week....should be interesting.

Let's see...thinking if there are any current events I would like to bitch about....well, AT&T has decided to mess up our 3G network so I could'nt use my phone yesterday until I got into the car and drove to Manhattan Beach. What kills me is that they assume no responsibility, like both Barry and my phones are messed up? Try again assholes. He called them for me while he was at work since I could'nt even dial 611 for any assistance. They told him there were no outages and it was on us...then last night they finally say "oh yeah, we're having some issues in your area". Jerks.

Ok well little girl having meltdown, later.

Friday, March 5, 2010

People who vote for American Idol are racist

People who vote for American Idol are racists. It's clearly not about talent on that show. There's a kid on there, white boy, very pretty, total WB looking kid who CANNOT sing for shit! He's no doubt going to be safe until the very end only because he's a pretty white boy and nothing but 12 year old girls and KKK members vote on this stupid show. Now, I'm sure you're asking yourself "Nora, why are you watching it if it's so terrible?" Well, thanks for asking! I am watching out of total curiosity and the fact that Ellen is a judge, mainly because Ellen joined as a judge and I find her to be one of the most honest people out there. I have heard that the show is completely rigged. I can see that totally. I just find it a little sad that last night's results ended with 2 African Americans, a Latino and an Asian kid getting kicked off when there were clearly worse singers this week that were white kids. It kind of insults me. Overall, the show is really terrible. I only find 1 singer really "talented". I hope Crystal wins.

What else is happening here?...well, I not only have a gnarly infection in my big toe but I slammed another toe on the same foot on one of babies vibrating chairs and broke it. So I'm walking around like a gimp. Can you believe that when I broke the toe, I did not swear or scream? I totally did a "fiddle dee dee I do believe that's broken" as I bent down and picked up my son....amazing I have to say.

It's Friday, bliss. 2 days of daddy time. I love weekends. Granted, I tend to spend the majority of it yelling at my poor husband but he's here and he can help me so YAY!!!!

The new baby swing is pretty. Barry went and returned it for a real new one the other night. Didnt think Charlotte would sleep in it at all, kept looking at it like it was Satan. She seems to like it now. Its not as fast as the old one but she doesnt seem to mind. Plus, it has a plug so no more spending $20 a week on D batteries!! :)

Enjoy the weekend people

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

F U Babies R Us!!!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack....I know y'all have missed me.

Anywho, here's a shout out to Babies R Us and when I say shout out, I mean a big F-U to them. Charlotte's swing motor died yesterday and I called Fisher Price since it was under warranty, here's a positive shout out to them who had all our info in their system and are sending us a motor. As I Barry and I decided to go get a new one anyway for her, he saw one that was more pink and girly, has stars and a canopy, so we go to Babies R Us and pick one up...I should've known by the way the box looked that we were in for trouble. Get it home and he's getting all the parts ready and notice that the plug adapter is missing...first sign of bad. So I was pissed about that...then he's putting it together and I look at the cushion and there's glue or something on it....something isnt right here.....then he gets it together and I open the back to put batteries in it and VOILA! There ALREADY ARE BATTERIES IN IT! Now, Fisher Price does NOT include batteries in things so I now know that we've been swindled (been looking for an excuse to use that word). Or should I say that Babies R Us has been had since CLEARLY some asshole broke their swing, bought a new one, swapped it and took it back?! What the hell is wrong with people? Why didnt they look into this when it was returned? LAZY ASSHOLES! Now Barry had to completely dismantle this thing and now he's going to get home late tonight because he has to go out of his way and return it hoping to God that the next one is in perfect condition.

Anyone else see the news story yesterday about stores putting used underwear back on racks? Yeah, so I feel the BBB needs to step up on companies and put it plainly that they need to fix all their lazy ass behaviors or stores should be closed down. That's my opinion on that. Either they should all be beaten down like step children when they fail or they should be closed as a penalty and then they lose real money. Corporate lazy scumbags!!! Be smart people, buy Hanes, it comes in a sealed package, can't be tampered with.

My sciatica is KILLING me and all I do is lift weights (babies) all day. Nothing I take or do is helping. Going to look into acupuncture at Barry's office and see if maybe that will help.

Babies had their 4 month shots last week, that was interesting. Hack ass nurse after stabbing my son, put one of the band aids on wrong so she ripped it off and replaced it...wanted to punch her in the throat for making him cry. I have come to notice that when it comes to my children, I am rather like a momma lion. I will tear out the heart of anyone who hurts my kids or even thinks bad about them. Yes my daughter is loud as all hell, as her mother, I am allowed to be bothered by this....others are not. Deal with it, I know it's annoying and I'm doing what I can to calm her down so blow me.

Well, I'm exhausted, went to bed late and have been up since 5AM since miss thing doesnt like to sleep through the night anymore. My house looks like a bomb went off in it, I'm officially overwhelmed with stuff and it makes me hyperventilate. I don't do well when it come to messes. I refuse to be on Hoarders and when I see a certain amount of clutter, I get convinced we're going to end up there.

Ok going to pick up yet again.