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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wow...gee thanks CT for this whopping $26 a month to feed my family

Yeah so it's been a while. Things are still not great. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble on that.

Charlotte is finally receiving the services she needs to help with her ASD. We now have professionals come in almost all week to work with the kids. It is truly a blessing and I will not complain about that. What I will complain about is the fact that it took the Attorney Generals office to get Social Services to freaking answer me about food assistance! Unreal. So we were, $26 a month.....yeah a MONTH. Now, in other countries you very well can feed a family of 4 on $26 a month. In America? Hell to the no. Not happening. Also, because Charlotte has completely stopped eating solid food, she's been on Pediasure since November. My child refuses to eat solid food. Well, if you're Social Services, I guess you can say "well that's more of the $26 for the rest of you!".... You bet your sweet ass I am going to fight this.

Now for anyone new to my blog, I am sure you are saying to yourself "Jesus Nora, get off your ass and get a job so you can support your family!"....well, I have 1 child with a disability and another with special needs and you want me to just dump them off somewhere while I go back to work? Where exactly would that be? No, please tell me. We cannot afford childcare and if I go back to work full time, all that money will go to pay childcare thus leaving us in the exact situation we are in now. We have gotten rid of 1 car and I am in the house 24/7 with the twins. Should I go jog to an interview? Granted, that would shed some pounds for sure. Then again, living off $26 a month for food will surely help us all lose some weight around here.

Wow, things really are crap. I am saying this with somewhat of a smirk on my face only because I am heavily medicated on antidepressants to help keep me going without completely losing my shit. Thanks Ativan and Cymbalta, appreciate the support.

My dad is losing his job so their aid to our family is coming to a close also. I guess I should focus on the positive like the fact that we had no snow so we didnt freeze to death?!...yes that's a happy thought. What else?.....I think that's about it right now.

I'd love to blog about Hollywood or politics but honestly I am mommy 24/7 so the only TV I see is Blues Clues, Yo Gabba Gabba, Sesame Street and the's probably for the best I don't see what's up in the "real world".

2012 sucks.

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