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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So much bitching, so little time....

Oh man I have so much to complain about, I don't know where to even begin!

I will start with the "Real" Housewives of New York, DC, Orange County, etc....It should really be titled "The real hookers of New York, DC, Orange County, etc...".....these woman are as "real" as Heidi Montag's tits. They have been sucking and humping their way to the "top". Can any of them cook, clean, change a diaper, DEAL with not being RICH? I don't think so, FUCK THEM ALL. Mainly screw that Solari (sp?) cunt from DC. Her and her husband should be in bloody jail for that shit they pulled at the White House. She's a freaking loser. I have never, not once watched any episodes of any of those bullshit shows, I have seen them mocked on good shows like the Soup. I can tell the other wives in DC want that bitch to be the victim of a drive by. I don't blame them, she's horrid.

Other news. I slipped in my apartment complex, taking the trash out to the trash room. They decided to mop the floor and not post a sign. I fell on my ass, twisting the shit out of my right foot and leg. This happened and Barry called the management and you what nerve they had to say? "Well maybe someone spilled something there", not "OMG is she OK?" So if something is really wrong, I'm bringing them the medical bill and paperwork and they can reimburse me. If they give me shit. I'll fucking sue them. That's the mood I am in. So if you live in an Archstone apartment and you get hurt, I hope they're nicer to you than they were to me in that regard. Assholes.

Moving back East next weekend. Scared shitless. The cats are going back Monday night with Collette. Hoping that goes smoothly or I may have a slight heart attack. We leave Friday night. Need to get Benedryl for the babies and see how that goes so I can decide if we're going to dope them for the plane ride. Their pediatrician said it was cool so before you judge me, blow me.

Other things I need to complain about...starting to lose my short term memory here, to much going on in my head at the moment.....You know what? I think the "real housewives" shit was the main thing that was eating away at me. I hate those sodded cows. All of them. I don't care if Bethany or whatever her name is is friends with Hoda (whom I love), she's terrible. Didnt care that she got knocked up before getting married, didnt care that she had a baby, don't care about her existence at all.

Oh now I remember, Jersey Shore...FUCK YOU! I was born in NJ, the majority of my family was born and raised there, a lot still live there and not ONE of them act or talk like those spray tanned fuckwits! Those assholes are mainly from NY arent they? Well it should be called "NY Dipshits" then! They need to stay the fuck out of my home state! CLOWNS! Snookie looks like a drag queen, she's not even cute! UGH! The "situation?" WTF is that? Douchebags!

I need to go kick a puppy or old lady now...SOMETHING to take out my rage....things all around are stupid...Oh my freaking lord, Paris Hilton was busted for cocaine? SHOCKING! Someone please KILL IT!!! She's just going to blow a judge to get off, just like Lohan, blow em and pay em off. What WONDERFUL role models!! I am going to teach my daughter that all these assholes are just that, assholes.


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