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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's snowing.....again

It's freaking snowing AGAIN in CT...this is the worst January in CT history....oh how lucky we are to have moved here for this...balls.

Well, still no jobs....I am actively seeking now as well as Barry. I take a completely different approach to job searching than he does. I send the resume and let them decide if they feel I can do the job. He reads about a job, finds one little thing he has never done and doesnt bother sending in the resume....what a go getter I married.....*sigh*

We watch pretty much nothing but Blues Clues and Yo Gabba Gabba. Granted Yo Gabba Gabba is a pretty excellent show but Blues Clues is officially gotten to my nerves. I want to take Joe and Steve and throw them in a volcano...and then take Blue and have her put to sleep. The babies don't really sleep at all and have been fighting a horrific cold for over a week now. John had a fever of 104.1 the first night he got sick. We've gone through 2 giant boxes of kleenex. Boy babies do not like having their noses wiped at all do they? Charlotte sees me coming with a tissue and runs away screaming like I'm about to light her on fire. Drama...seriously.

We are on food assistance, heating and medical assistance and to be honest, it's depressing but it makes me appreciate the state of CT and what it will do for it's people. Los Angeles would have never done this to help us. I miss LA, terribly. I didnt think I would but I really do. I miss our friends there a lot.

I wonder why people never tell you that when you have kids, it's puts tremendous stress on your marriage. I guess if we all knew that, none of us would have babies. We fight like cats and dogs...oh speaking of cats. Monkey kitty has taken to pooping in the basement on the floor. I think she senses all our depression and stress. I feel guilty.

Let's hope that February shapes up better....I really hope it does for everyone.

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