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Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's winter. It won't stop snowing. I miss Los Angeles. We are completely broke. We have state medical assistance which is awesome, but it's beyond depressing. Finding work here is near impossible. I cry daily...yeah, it's bad.

The twins are sick and I now have it too. John had a fever of 104.1 the other night, it was scary. At the moment they are both little snot machines, I've already killed an entire box of Kleenex today just wiping their little noses. Charlotte screams like I'm going after her with fire and a chisel when she sees it coming. The dramatics of this little girl are just amazing.

My throat hurts and I am exhausted. I'd love nothing more than to rant and rave about a zillion things but I am just to tired to continue . Sorry to be so boring folks. Really I am.

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