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Sunday, February 20, 2011

and thanks stomach bug for infecting us....

Well, we have just spent the last week battling vomit, fevers and mega laundry. On the plus side, my husband got a temp job!! This is awesome and if he enjoys it, we're hoping they'll hiring him permanently. I have gotten NO hits on my resume, not one buggering phone call!! I'm insulted! I have a killer work history! Whatever....clowns. Both babies have finally lost the fever and now momma has it! Nice of them to share with me....if they'd sleep, I could probably deal with this. I'm freezing and it's taking all my energy not to crank the heat....

I don't have a ton to discuss, just bitching mainly about how I feel crappy and wish my kids would be more affectionate towards others, like their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, FATHER! They hang on me like little zombies trying to eat whats left of my brain all the time. Hoping daddy gets back from the grocery store soon so I can go upstairs and put on warmer clothes and my slippers. Sick of the nonstop Blues Clues marathon going on here, want to watch shows that don't suck.

OK these 2 are making me insane.....and I'm really cold.

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