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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Get a job.......*sigh*..GIVE ME ONE!

Watching the Today Show and as usual, wondering where they find their "experts". Listening to them makes me feel like "Hey, I can go on TV and talk shit and make it sound like I'm saying something terribly important too!" Hey Today Show, give me a job! I'm under 40 years old and can act like everything I say is gold! Come on, I need to be able to feed my kids, look at Charlotte's face and then tell me no. Christ almighty. I am really in a state of WTF currently. Looking for work is just unbelievable, it seems to be all medical (and requiring medical backgrounds) or insurance sales. The newest BS scam is you send in a resume and get some crap about "wow you are more than qualified, but in order for us to continue, click this link and download your credit score, then send it to us and we can proceed"...really? How stupid do you seem to think I am? Go F yourself please. It's really irritating because they flood the online help wanted sites with their lies.

I was looking forward to today...then today started way to damned early with both babies waking up after not having enough sleep. So I am uber grumpy today....or should I just say more pissed off than usual? Considering going back to sleep but I'm already pumped full of coffee. Husband has a meeting at noon for a potential job....we think it's another sales scam....

Let's get onto the Hollywood buzz today....another stupid ass judge let Lindsey Lohan blow him and let her off "with a warning"....Hey California, send her stupid ass here and let a real judge put her away! Stick her ass in a Hartford County jail! That little idiot girl needs a beating from some inmates. That idiot judge telling her "you're not different than anyone else" and then letting her go TELLS HER SHE IS DIFFERENT FROM EVERYONE ELSE!!!!

Oh a Republican went on Craigslist looking to get laid...used his real name....Sir, please go sit in your car, in the garage with the engine running...and take a long nap...jackass.

Well, my daughter is refusing to nap, so it's back to fun time for me.

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