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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bullying in today's day

I was a bullied kid. It started when I was about 8 years old. The boys started calling me fat. Naturally, the girls who didnt like me started in too, but it was mainly the boys. I was picked on everyday for being "fat"...I look back at pictures now and think "I wasnt even really FAT, I was TALLER than they all were but FAT? No, not hardly". I hated school, so much in fact that I never went an entire week from elementary school till high school. I finally snapped in junior high which was exponentially worse. There were even more kids who I didnt know who decided I was "fat and disgusting" too. I suffered through 7th grade, went home daily and cried, had a handful of loyal friends but they were picked on too for other various things, i.e. glasses (had those too), braces, being short, in the 8th grade, I discovered things like cigarettes, sex (I hit puberty pretty big time over that summer) and I developed a temper.....I made a couple of new friends which were boys....boys with long hair and tempers who didnt like me being picked on. Well, one day at school, a dumb ass kid who I didnt like decided he was going to be a smart ass and call me not only FAT but a slut (I was a virgin) too so I produced a large switchblade and told him to F off......I was suspended the next day and never went back to public school...I was sent to the school where the 'bad kids' go.....funny....I wasnt really a bad kid...I was the quiet one who really minded my own damned business, played music and wanted to be left's funny how the abused are usually the ones punished...of course teachers saw my torment on a daily basis for YEARS and not ONCE did they ever do shit to stop it!!

Well, the difference between torture in the 80's and 90's and now are quite huge. Today the torment doesnt stop once school stops, kids text and IM and blog 24/'s disgraceful, horrible and I think kids who harm other children should all be expelled...thus living a life being uneducated and ridiculed for being stupid...they should be shamed. I also think kids now are even meaner then they used to be. I blame this on the parents NEVER disciplining the rotten little things. I refuse to allow my kids to be mean to other children.

That's all for now.

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