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Monday, April 19, 2010

Hey Toyota! You really don't want to keep customers do you?

Ok, so my beloved spouse has decided that we "need" to have a Toyota Sienna. Now, I drive a Rav4 and it's under lease. So we thought that we'd look and see if they'd roll the lease so we could get a minivan. Now, I said if they couldnt keep the payments about the same as I was paying now then no sale. So what do they do? Try and extort money from us! I would not budge. They ran all my info and when I kept saying no, they decided they'd go over my head and hit up on the pushover, Barry. Hello? Whose car would this be? Who would be making the payments? So they've been contacting Barry about this. You know what? You'd think he'd mock them and say "You need to be talking to my wife since it would be her car" get no backup, only lip service how proud I should be of him for not buying it.....THE SHIT WOULD BE IN MY NAME, THEY'D NEED ME TO SIGN EVERYTHING SO F YOU FOOL!!! I'm not proud of shit....give me a break.....

I will be focused on being wronged by Toyota for a good 3 months, I do that. I mean I get they want the sale, but please realize that I told them more than once that I did not love it, didnt need it and would not pay over what I pay now. What do they do? Try and extort $2500 out of me and make my payments over $100 more a month and then give me a song and dance about it. NOPE!

I'm tired. My mom leaves Wednesday morning and I'm already getting anxiety over it. I have been raising my babies without help since December but it's been nice having real help over the last 3 weeks, gotten used to it, plus the babies are more scheduled now so I'm not 100% sure how I'm going to manage. At least they're in cribs now which is a major accomplishment.

Time to find food.

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