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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter and such

Still can't stop singing the damned Easter rabbit song from Looney Tunes.....

Every time I'm holding a baby, I sing this stupid song....I need help. I sing this one too...

So my mom is here visiting and helping me. I feel terrible because Charlotte is now in the phase of not allowing anyone to hold her but me when she wakes up. This is especially annoying at midnight, 2AM, 4AM...etc....she was doing so well at sleeping through the night and now she's back to her crappy 2 hour interval schedule. Its making me INSANE. I'm exhausted and I feel bad, like I did something to make her want me and no one else, but I didnt! I'd love nothing more than for her to want others, especially her Nana!! Even Barry can't soothe her anymore and I know it's upsetting him. John is starting to act the same way. Is this normal?

We had an interesting Easter. We had an earthquake. We were sitting here and mom says "Why is the couch moving?", I assumed Barry was doing that leg shaking thing but then I saw the blinds were swaying back and forth and the baby swings were swinging on their own without babies in them. Crazy that we felt it all the way here.

Well, when mom leaves, I'm getting serious about losing weight. We had some pics taken the other day and I saw myself and was beyond horrified. I am scared for my babies. I don't want them to lose their parents over something so stupid that can be fixed. It's serious time.

On a not serious note. I love Supernatural and needed to watch this again...enjoy.

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