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Friday, April 9, 2010

Impending crib doom..and my rant about "sex addiction"

AHHHHHHHHHHHH Look at my beautiful son!! He's so cute and lovable and kissy and sweet and my god I love him so. I love his sister too but she's officially on my shit list. She is now at the point where she wants no one but me, 24/7. Even her poor daddy can't get up in the middle of the night and soothe her. This is beyond draining for me. I am exhausted. I probably blogged about this days ago but honestly, I don't remember. I am brain dead. I am like a ticking time bomb, my temper is on overload, my frustration level is about 10000%. I am SO grateful that my mom is here visiting so at least she can help with JD while Teenie is on some sort of cracked out emotional roller coaster. On top of her, we're going to be doing crib training this weekend. I am SO grateful that I'm not a member of the NRA because I'd be likely to be blowing my brains out. Shit. I'm so tired.

Well, let's see what's going on the in the world that makes me sick today shall we?...Tiger Woods new Nike ad... Oh piss the hell off with that garbage. Him standing there looking all hang dog like, makes me want to slap him dead in the face. I was and still am amused by whomever paid the plane dude to fly with the banners bashing him. Well what the hell? Havent we had enough of this asshat? Now we have to deal with this Jesse James crap?? I am heartbroken for Sandra Bullock, that guy needs to be neutered. I knew it was going to be like a day before he pulled the "sex addict" shenanigans like Tiger boy there. The ole Tiger defense....BALLS! Fucker left "rehab" after like 2 days. Was probably tossed out for trying to stick it in a patient. Scumbag. What kills me is that these men have NO regard for their own children. SICKENING. Stick that dick wherever they can, regardless of how it affects their families, selfish, disgusting bastards. I feel so badly for the kids. I feel terrible for the wives for sure but my god, it just messes with these kids and what does it teach them? Well, if we keep on with this whole "sex addict" horseshit, it teaches them, especially the boys that it's OK because it's an "illness" and NO NO NO!! UGH I hate people so very much. My kids are not going to be fooled by bullshit, not if I have anything to do with it. They will see the world as it is in their momma's eyes. What's right and what is wrong and the consequences of doing wrong in life and to others. No justifying BS like what the rest of the world is doing, makes me sick.

What else? Oh yeah, Kathie Lee, leave Hoda ALONE, I am sick of her little childish potshots every day. OK you are jealous of Hoda, we ALL GET IT, but grow up woman. Please. It makes me dislike you sometimes and I don't want to dislike you. You are all about respecting people but you're very disrespectful towards Miss Hoda and I don't like it. I bet a lot of people don't like it. Hoda for one. She's mature enough not to slap you silly. I wouldn't be so kind if I sat there taking your crap every day. Get over it.

Well, I am starving so off to find some lunch. Enjoy your weekend and pray for us all to get some sleep and that my kids don't have complete mental breakdowns from sleeping in their cribs.

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  1. I loooooove this post! And the Army gives us a free Family Life Counselor that comes right to our house and whose purpose is to help you deal with everyday problems of childom. He teaches "natural consequences for actions", sorry, Super Nanny, the "Naughty Chair" ain't always right because it doesn't fit the offense and just becomes a punishment, hence the recidivism (sp?) rate like in prison.

    Gotta little off track there, but you go!