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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shut the hell up celebrity chicks who "lost weight"

OK so Mellisa Joan Hart is on Hoda and Kathie Lee spouting crap, and what annoys me is her losing 42 lbs. Hey guess what Melissa, if the rest of us had the cash for a trainer and chef, we'd ALL BE THIN!!! Shut the F UP!! I am sick to death of these celebs with their "I am so awesome because I lost such and such amount of weight" now we have Jennifer Hudson who lost weight...great...she had a TRAINER!!! Or Sara Rue (No one remembers who the hell she is but when she was heavy that was her appeal) They never, EVER give that info out, you have to dig online to find out about that, or hear them babbling on talk shows after someone tells them how "brave" they were to not be fat and human anymore. SUCK IT! I'm sick of it. Also, Melissa, stop talking about celebs you clearly know nothing about. You talk of Sarah Michelle Geller and Jennifer Love Hewitt having "husbands and families"....Well, you got 1 right. The other, well, I guess you don't watch TV or read the papers...J Love is SINGLE and has been for a while now. Babbling idiot. So getting back to my main point, we'd all be thinner if we all had the income to pay a trainer to keep us motivated. Well, I don't have a trainer but my kids are my motivation and I intend to get healthier. I have slobbed on way to much weight and my entire body is in constant pain because of it. I don't want to leave my babies without a momma because I was to lazy to do something about it.

I am depressed. My mom is leaving tomorrow morning. I've had help with the babies now for a good month so tomorrow its back to just me. Then Thursday the babies get their 6 month shots. At least daddy will be home for that and Uncle Dave is coming to visit for a couple days. So I get 1 day to suffer, then 4 with daddy and then back to me 24/7. *sigh*. I can't wait till we move. I need to be near my folks and friends so I have places to go with the babies.

Crap, I need to contact my PCP to get a referral to a foot doc, still can't fix my toe, need a professionals help...double sigh.


  1. Don't forget "Ruby" who has her own show and entourage!

  2. Oh yeah, well screw her too.