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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My rant about the Duggars

First off, here's the twins enjoying their first taste of solid amusement.

Onto the matter at hand today....The Duggars and their premature baby. OK it's heartbreaking and miraculous all at the same time. Do you think they'd LEARN?? Lord no, sources say Michelle says if God wants her to have more then she will. Jim Bob needs to get SNIPPED!! The fact that his wife and child could've died and he'll do nothing to guarantee that can't happen again?! He's a selfish prick. I think they should be grateful as hell that they have had 18 perfectly healthy children. Do they not realize the possible complications she's going to have for years? No of course not as long as Jim Bob gets some poontang, that's apparently the only really important thing. I'm super annoyed about this for some reason. I think he uses his wife as a sperm dumpster, keeps her barefoot and pregnant and he's teaching all his daughters that this is their sole purpose in life too...yep, that's the main thing that pisses me off. His sons think all women are good for is to feed them and fuck them and make babies. SCREW THAT! Anyone tell these fools what century we are in? Just curious. I think a judge so put a stop to Jim Bob and his overactive penis. I may have to petition for this. I'm seriously disgusted with them. I'm sorry but a vagina is not a clown car.

My mom will be here in approximately 6 hours. Pardon me while I do the Snoopy dance. *tappity tappity tappity*

Another rant. Please Foodnetwork, I do NOT need the over pronunciation of Italian words, please make Giada stop it. Also, Guy Fieri's last name is pronounced "Fee-air-e" not "Fee-etty" so STOP IT!

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