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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life is strange

Got an email from my mom today telling me that someone I knew and used to be friends with passed away suddenly. He was only 45. My heart is aching for his wife and their 3 kids. That scares me a lot. I am terrified that God is going to take either me or Barry away to early from the twins. It's a fear that tears me out of sleep.

I spent the majority of last week at Kaiser. I am on like 4 types of antibiotics and pain killers and to be honest, I'm really tired of trying to remember to take things 4 times a day. I ended up in the ER one day, have some nerve damage to my hip/thigh which is really scary when you can't even walk. Realized this at 5AM last week and totally freaked out. Barry had to stay home with me for a couple days to help with the babies. I could barely pick them up. I also had a test done on a mole on my back and naturally its "abnormal" so I'm waiting for the surgery dept. to call me and make an appt. to have more cut off and examined. This doesnt count the fact that I need to go back and have like 5 more examined.....*sigh*...all of this makes me feel very old.

We got our new bed, it's really comfy. I had some gnarly leg cramps the first couple of nights. The cats love it of course. It's nice being able to flop onto it and Barry doesnt get disturbed and vice versa.

Well, we just made a Target run for formula and a McDonald's run for a frappe. Just fed some squash and corn to the boy and they both had bottles....hoping they decide to nap again before bedtime. Lately I've been lucky to get them to take 1 in the morning. They both crashed in the car for a bit so not sure if sleep will come to them again before 7:30.

Watching last night's Idol....seriously, if Crystal doesn't win it all, I'm going to be annoyed. This Kara chick is just HORRIBLE...I don't know who she is, never seen her before this but CHRIST she's got a face just begging for a slappin. There's something about her face that bugs me.

One more episode of LOST....I'm not sure yet how to feel about it. I guess no one does. It's amazing though that we've all sat through this since the beginning and it's NEVER made any damned sense! I'm curious to see if they took any notes from Joss Whedon's fan fuckary (as my Johnna says). God I hope not. Shit, I'm tired.

My rant for today is WHY did they allow Wil Smith to remake the Karate Kid? It looks plain horrible! It did NOT need to be redone! It especially didnt need to be remade with his kid in it. Talk about ego! UGH! I honestly hope no one goes to see it. The whole thing is stupid. What's next? The Breakfast Club starring Justin Bieber? UHHHHHHHHHG!! That is a kid I DO NOT GET! I feel hes' being hoisted upon us, everywhere I turn, there he is with his "baby baby baby baby baby" song which is just BAD! I love Ellen but she needs to stop forcing him on me, it makes me angry. SOMEONE CUT HIS BAD HAIR PLEASE!! Oh I really dislike his hair.

Another diss, WTF is with this "Killers" movie? It was called TRUE LIES! IT'S BEEN DONE! Ashton Kutcher needs to kindly take a vacation from us all for about 20 years....his Nikon commercials are crappy enough and his films are just never good so please make it stop.

OK trying to get the babies to nap now...comedy thy name is me.... OooooH Tabula Rasa is on! Thank you Buffy!


  1. I cannot stand Ashton Kutcher! OH! And I had skin cancer 3 years ago at 27 and I haven't even been for my re-check, nor have I had my brain tumor scanned in 3 years...THANK YOU for the reminders to make appointments for ME.

    Nora, I can't imagine what you're going through, I really am in tears over your fears and your pains and surgeries. We've never met but I care so much!


  2. Hey! Reebok and Skechers both have "shape-ups" type shoes that are also supposed to help with back alignment. Have you tried those, even wearing them around the house? Who knows? They may help. They've received GOOD reviews. I want some!