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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yes, it's only Thursday. No catchy title for today. Not that I've ever actually done a catchy title but you know what I'm saying.

So Lee won American Idol. Well, good for him. Those opposed, GET OVER IT! Crystal will do just fine. She's a talented young lady with a bright musical career ahead. Those whining about how she was "robbed" can go suck a bag of dick. If you are so pissed then maybe you should've sat by the phone and voted your little hearts out. Lee won because millions of teenage girls thought he was "dreamy". Bottom line, TEENAGERS VOTE ON AMERICAN IDOL. Adults can't really be bothered except to sit and watch and bitch when their favorite does not win. WAH WAH WAH, enough. It's over thankfully. Time to move onto things that are important in the world.

BP....FIX THE MOTHER FUCKING LEAK YOU DAFT FUCKTARDS! What the Sam hell is wrong with them? They had no plan on what to do if this happened? Well, apparently freaking NOT! Now, people are blaming Obama for this continuing? Are you freaking HIGH!? You can blame PAST government on the NO regulations for the oil companies! Give me bloody break! Now they're pumping dirt into the I'm no scientist but if you do that, isnt it going to back it up and possibly create a BIGGER BURST? Just seems to me like something like that is bound to happen because of PRESSURE!.....Oh god people are just plain horrible and stupid and I for one am tired of it. Watching Obama now talking about it and the media doing what they do best, whining that things are his fault and that they can't blame the Bush administration for anything blah blah blah. Really? All people did for 8 years was BLAME CLINTON!!! I am really starting to hate this country and that makes me sad.

I have been in the house now for the last 4 days. Is that wrong? Probably. I have gone somewhat insane I'll admit. Barry says the media has gotten to me. He's probably right. I don't like taking the babies out on my own. I'm afraid someone will try and hurt me to get to my children and being alone, I won't be able to defend them both. I don't like the way people look at my children when I'm out with them alone. I will do whatever I have to to protect my children and I feel that's what I'm doing by staying home. Bottom line, I don't trust people. They are sick and twisted and the world is a far more creepy place then it was when I was a kid. No matter where we go, there's always someone who comes up to me and says "I really wanted twins, especially what you have, a boy and a girl" and to be honest, the second they say that, I get the creeps.

One last thing for the day. My husband's office manager is a raging cunt. She's unprofessional, annoying and should be fired for being disrespectful and lazy.

That is all for today

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