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Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday blues

I like this face, it's kissy and cute.

What I don't like is people trying to cause drama for me that I don't need. I have enough BS going on in my world thank you. If you have nothing better to do than gossip about me (lord you must have less of a life than I do if that's the case) then you need to grow up.

Well, it's been a week now and Charlotte still insists on waking up a few times each night for food. Poor daddy keeps having to change crib sheets due to leaky diapers and I don't get to ever sleep more than 4 hours at a clip. This doesnt help my mentality at all.

Today was probably the best day as far as trying new foods for the babies. They had sweet potatoes. Yesterday was squash which wasnt a total failure but today was better. I broke down and got bananas and apples...The pediatrician told us to start them on veggies first which we did. I can't force them to eat peas...maybe once they're used to eating things they don't hate, they'll be more open to eat the peas. This is my way of thinking (which is probably all wrong but whatever).

The fuckers at Tylenol decided to try and poison all of Americas babies, toddlers and kids by letting bad batches of pretty much ALL their products be sold for MONTHS before calling a recall on products that "may or may not have to much or to little of certain ingredients" other words, they fucked up...royally. I personally have 4 bottles of their products. 2 of which have no been used but 2 are currently in use. I keep their meds separate, it makes it easier for me to just write their name on the bottles.

I just downloaded that horrible ring tone from the Geico website that the boss has..the "RING-A-DING-A DINGY DONG" tone....because I am a dork.

I'm exhausted and to tired to bitch about things that are really bugging me today.

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