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Friday, June 11, 2010

Being fat causes headaches...really Today Show?

I haven't had a headache in a while now and I am a giant fat ass. So up yours Today Show! I am sick of "being overweight is the reason for EVERYTHING!" that they spout pretty much everyday. Dr. Joy has to weigh a whopping 62 lbs total. Good for her. Is she going to show up at my house and tell me how to eat? How to cook for my husband when I have 2 teething babies to deal with on my own all day? He's blessed and happy if I remember to put a pre-made lasagna in the oven before he gets home!! Do I wish we were uber active and eating healthy and not clinically overweight? OF COURSE! I love watching the Today Show but it loves to make me feel bad about myself almost daily. I am obsessed with the "experts" they find on this show. Most of these people don't have a freaking clue or they state the obvious.

Going to see my doc on Monday about the horrendous pain I'm having in my hips and thighs and to see what he'll say about me having panic attacks. I'm sure he'll tell me to eat right and exercise. Well, the panic attacks like to happen once I leave the house to take the babies for walks. Hence the walking coming to a complete halt. Well, me leaving the house has taken a halt unless it's with Barry or I'm meeting someone. I'm having issues taking them out by myself. Mainly because I'm terrified someone is going to try and hurt me to take them. Yes, I am convinced of this. Barry keeps telling me I'm nuts...and then it happened to a woman the other day, locally. Some nutjob woman attacked her to try and take her baby. She only has 1 baby, I have 2. How do I protect them both on my own? Yes, I am officially afraid of the outside world. Never thought it would happen but it did. Now what?

Onto something else....totally random. I really dislike people who chew gum. I think it's a gross as hell looking habit. It's just nasty. Watching Kathie Lee and Hoda and Cassidy (Kathie Lee's kid) is visiting and she's smacking gum and it looks classless. Just gross. They're going on about things men dislike, like Ugg boots and over sized sunglasses on women. Really? Fuck them. We dislike wife beater t-shirts, mullets, cheap behaviors and when they wear pants around their ankles so suck it jerks. I love my Uggs, they're comfy and I love my over sized sunglasses, they're cute and I get lots of compliments on them...from women of course but an occasional gay man will comment.

So the babies are napping. Both are teething and miserable. John is particularly unhappy. He's very clingy and whiny and likes to break my heart 24/7 and make me hella angry at the same time. He has a new thing. If he's on my lap facing away from me and I lean in, he grabs my hair and twists himself around to plant a wet sloppy kiss on whatever part of my face he can get. It's adorable and gross at the same time. Charlotte is going to be up and running any time now, I can feel it. She scares me with her energy and determination. Her main determination is to get Monkey, she is SO in love with that poor cat.

Well, things to do.

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