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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Teething sucks

My baby boy has a slight fever today. I think it's from his teething. I wish their little teeth would show up already, I feel so badly for both babies. She's handling it differently. She gets pissy but she just sits back and chews stuff. He's whiny and needy as hell and you just can't console him. It breaks my heart. Especially when he's pushing his little chin into my shoulder.

Today's photo is Monkey snuggling her "stinky mouse". I had bent down to pet her and she tried to snuggle my arm in so I had to do the ole switcheroo with the mouse and then ran and got the camera. She's so bloody cute sometimes.

Kaiser sent me some email to get my personalized health assessment. So I took it...shocking, I'm depressed! Wow, didnt need to answer a zillion questions to know the obvious. Oh and I need to lose weight....*sigh*

Nothing else really to report. BP still fucking over the environment and then the CEO fucker whined about how he "wanted his life back"...and then quickly backpeddled as quickly as it fell out of his mouth. That stupid bastard. James Cameron needs to shut his hole too. He thinks way to highly of himself if he's "hiring people to find a solution" but if he pulls it off then all BP executives should be round up & executed.

Oops baby up!

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