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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Really thanks Facebook you bastards

Stupid Facebook doesnt really need to suggest I add people...especially people who tortured me during my entire childhood. I have enough bad memories to last me a lifetime but don't need them thrown in my face at random moments of the day. Some turned out OK I guess but the majority of them look like complete trash. I guess adolescence followed them into adulthood. Once a dirty washed up whore, always one I suppose. Still, who the hell were these people to torture me the way they did? If this was happening now, say, if I was a kid now and this was going on. They'd be arrested for the shit they did to me. The constant harassment and verbal abuse. You know why? Because I was THE CHUBBY KID! I have always had friends, all my life, some I've had since I was 4 years old and I don't recall being a particularly mean kid myself, but some of these people were just awful to me! What's worse is I'm moving back to where it all occurred. I think that's part of my anxiety about it. LOADS of bad memories of that state. I think if just one of them said sorry to me, I'd let it go. Then again, no. I'm Irish so there will be no letting ANYTHING go...sorry folks!

Well, there was a Toy Story marathon on yesterday and when this came on, I freaking lost it.

Talk about just ripping apart your soul! This is why I never got rid of ANY of my toys and always treated them well! Poor things. :'( What pisses me off is neither iTunes or Amazon will let you purchase the song without buying the album. They knew no one would bother with it if they could just get the 1 good song from the soundtrack. Extortion. Bastards.

John is off with his daddy to Uncle Jay's to watch soccer..Teenie is napping finally. Of course I just said that and some asshole just fired up a chainsaw so this should be short lived. I didnt go with the boys because I can watch TV at home and watch babies, no need to drive to the Valley to have it be like home. Plus I havent left the house now in 6 days, I'm on a streak that I'm not sure I want to break just yet.

Well, I guess I should call my mom and say hi.

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  1. Come to Texas. There are many homes for sale in my neighborhood. You could get a nice 2000 sq. ft. house for half of what your condo in LA cost. We could hang out all day, you'd have some extra hands to help with the twins, and at night when our hubbies come home, we could go out and TP the neighbors who voted for Ron Paul!