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Sunday, June 6, 2010


It's Sunday, Teenie woke at 4:40, daddy got her and she was promptly back in her crib 20 minutes later...SCREAMING so guess who has been up ever since? Yeah not only me but her brother woke up too. Charlotte is back in bed and John is up, been up. Oh and daddy is asleep.....Mommy is in one crappy ass mood now. Would be nice to be able to sleep. I'm beyond bitter right now. Trying to maintain my attitude. Taking a lot for me not to go in with a bullhorn and wake him up. I've already been barfed on twice in the last hour by my son. Again, trying to maintain.

I wish I had something profound to say or share but I don't. Just sitting here in the wee hours of the day, with my boy, trying not to think of tomorrow, just taking things a day at a time or I'll lose my mind. Christ it's June. We're supposed to move in September? Wow, wonder how the hell that's going to work out. You know since we have nowhere to go, nothing packed, no jobs there, no movers hired, no clue how we're going to move the cats, how the babies will sleep if they're not in their own cribs....FUCK I gotta go.

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