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Monday, June 21, 2010

I don't like false advertising

You remember those old Wendy's commercials "where's the beef?" the one where there's a giant bun and a tiny little beef patty? Well, that's what I experienced when Barry brought home the "NEW" grilled chicken sandwiches from El Pollo Loco. It was in this giant, spongy weird bun, all the salsa and crappy lettuce fell out as I picked it up. I took the bun off and was horrified to see this sad little specimen with it's fake grill marks peering back at me. I refused to eat it and promptly emailed the company telling them off.

I also emailed Pottery Barn Kids tonight. We got Peter Rabbit bumpers for the twins cribs 4 months ago. Well, I ran my hand across Charlotte's the other day and noticed a ton of little pics and the stuffing is poking out! Hello? These things were not cheap so I'm pissed. If we had gotten them on sale or as a gift, I'd be less perturbed, but we paid good money for them so I expect something more than an apology. If an 8 month old can mess up a baby bumper then someone needs to update these things. she uses hers as a foot rest or she pushes it down so she can peek out.

Let's see what else is happening....well I think if you take vicatin and ativan around the same time, bad things happen to ones stomach and brain. I had the sinus headache from hell yesterday so I took Excedrin sinus meds...then a few hours later, took a vicatin...then a couple hours later took my ativan...then I got horribly sick to my stomach and had to sleep with an ice pack on my head. It was not good.

Logo has a Buffy marathon going,....last Nothing more stupid than the "potential slayers"...poor Joss having to piss out a bunch of last minute episodes because UPN canceled the show, depressing.

Babies sleeping and hopefully soon will I.

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