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Friday, March 5, 2010

People who vote for American Idol are racist

People who vote for American Idol are racists. It's clearly not about talent on that show. There's a kid on there, white boy, very pretty, total WB looking kid who CANNOT sing for shit! He's no doubt going to be safe until the very end only because he's a pretty white boy and nothing but 12 year old girls and KKK members vote on this stupid show. Now, I'm sure you're asking yourself "Nora, why are you watching it if it's so terrible?" Well, thanks for asking! I am watching out of total curiosity and the fact that Ellen is a judge, mainly because Ellen joined as a judge and I find her to be one of the most honest people out there. I have heard that the show is completely rigged. I can see that totally. I just find it a little sad that last night's results ended with 2 African Americans, a Latino and an Asian kid getting kicked off when there were clearly worse singers this week that were white kids. It kind of insults me. Overall, the show is really terrible. I only find 1 singer really "talented". I hope Crystal wins.

What else is happening here?...well, I not only have a gnarly infection in my big toe but I slammed another toe on the same foot on one of babies vibrating chairs and broke it. So I'm walking around like a gimp. Can you believe that when I broke the toe, I did not swear or scream? I totally did a "fiddle dee dee I do believe that's broken" as I bent down and picked up my son....amazing I have to say.

It's Friday, bliss. 2 days of daddy time. I love weekends. Granted, I tend to spend the majority of it yelling at my poor husband but he's here and he can help me so YAY!!!!

The new baby swing is pretty. Barry went and returned it for a real new one the other night. Didnt think Charlotte would sleep in it at all, kept looking at it like it was Satan. She seems to like it now. Its not as fast as the old one but she doesnt seem to mind. Plus, it has a plug so no more spending $20 a week on D batteries!! :)

Enjoy the weekend people

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