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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

F U Babies R Us!!!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack....I know y'all have missed me.

Anywho, here's a shout out to Babies R Us and when I say shout out, I mean a big F-U to them. Charlotte's swing motor died yesterday and I called Fisher Price since it was under warranty, here's a positive shout out to them who had all our info in their system and are sending us a motor. As I Barry and I decided to go get a new one anyway for her, he saw one that was more pink and girly, has stars and a canopy, so we go to Babies R Us and pick one up...I should've known by the way the box looked that we were in for trouble. Get it home and he's getting all the parts ready and notice that the plug adapter is missing...first sign of bad. So I was pissed about that...then he's putting it together and I look at the cushion and there's glue or something on it....something isnt right here.....then he gets it together and I open the back to put batteries in it and VOILA! There ALREADY ARE BATTERIES IN IT! Now, Fisher Price does NOT include batteries in things so I now know that we've been swindled (been looking for an excuse to use that word). Or should I say that Babies R Us has been had since CLEARLY some asshole broke their swing, bought a new one, swapped it and took it back?! What the hell is wrong with people? Why didnt they look into this when it was returned? LAZY ASSHOLES! Now Barry had to completely dismantle this thing and now he's going to get home late tonight because he has to go out of his way and return it hoping to God that the next one is in perfect condition.

Anyone else see the news story yesterday about stores putting used underwear back on racks? Yeah, so I feel the BBB needs to step up on companies and put it plainly that they need to fix all their lazy ass behaviors or stores should be closed down. That's my opinion on that. Either they should all be beaten down like step children when they fail or they should be closed as a penalty and then they lose real money. Corporate lazy scumbags!!! Be smart people, buy Hanes, it comes in a sealed package, can't be tampered with.

My sciatica is KILLING me and all I do is lift weights (babies) all day. Nothing I take or do is helping. Going to look into acupuncture at Barry's office and see if maybe that will help.

Babies had their 4 month shots last week, that was interesting. Hack ass nurse after stabbing my son, put one of the band aids on wrong so she ripped it off and replaced it...wanted to punch her in the throat for making him cry. I have come to notice that when it comes to my children, I am rather like a momma lion. I will tear out the heart of anyone who hurts my kids or even thinks bad about them. Yes my daughter is loud as all hell, as her mother, I am allowed to be bothered by this....others are not. Deal with it, I know it's annoying and I'm doing what I can to calm her down so blow me.

Well, I'm exhausted, went to bed late and have been up since 5AM since miss thing doesnt like to sleep through the night anymore. My house looks like a bomb went off in it, I'm officially overwhelmed with stuff and it makes me hyperventilate. I don't do well when it come to messes. I refuse to be on Hoarders and when I see a certain amount of clutter, I get convinced we're going to end up there.

Ok going to pick up yet again.

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