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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She slept through the night! *tappity tappity*

Happy St. Patrick's Day y'all!! My baby girl slept from 10PM til 5AM this morning and I'm thrilled! I think it was because Barry woke her from her late afternoon nap and then we gave her a bath. She then had a major allergy attack so I made him close the porch and turn on the AC. It's like freaking summer here in LA already. There is no breeze and it's just hot so I had the AC on all day yesterday so the babies were protected from the elements.

So I've been up since 5AM and did not go back to bed. Watched the Wake Up LA morning crew with Chris Schauble, he rocks. Now onto the Today Show..hoping not to have to look at Jenna Bush Hager today...maybe she's on her father always was...ugh.

MIL shows up in the next 2 hours till next Wednesday. Nice to have someone around to help out with the babies....but she's not my mom so it's different. I was not amused when I had the MIL conversation with my spouse who informed me that he "understood about feeling threatened". WTF? Excuse me? Hold the phone.....I love this man, I truly do BUT he occasionally has the brain of a damned turnip. I don't feel threatened by her. I flat out don't trust the person I find asleep dangling my baby off the bloody COUCH! Pardon Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for not wanting my children harmed. Does my MIL love the babies? OF COURSE SHE DOES! Do I like my MIL? YES I DO! BUT, she's not MY mother so be quiet! Not only that but I'm Irish so I never, EVER forget when someone has done wrong to me or those I love. So I don't get over things....ever.

Well, it's time to watch Matt Lauer and try and drink my coffee...oh and I have to finish watching AI to see how horrible some of these people are. I am still pissed they booted off mullet kid last week. He was WAY better than token Latino kid. Also, disgusted that Lily girl was totally shocked since she's not very good and needs to get over herself. She was on Ellen yesterday and yeah, I still dislike her.

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