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Monday, March 29, 2010

Ok I'm tired but why am I SO tired?

Ok I am beyond tired, I am exhausted. My entire body hurts like all my bones are about to break. I can barely crawl out of bed, feels like everything is shutting down.

The babies are both eating rice cereal at night now in hopes that Charlotte will learn to sleep through the night if her tummy is full. Last night was epic fail. She woke at 2:45 and didnt go back down til after 4AM. She's so far today, pooped 5 times!! What the hell? Is that even normal? Poor John can barely squeeze 1 out in 48 hours and he's pure misery til he does. Right now he's succumbed to taking a late nap because he's making momma NUTS. She's in her swing fighting it all the way, I may go mental in a few minutes. I just want them to be happy and not be in discomfort.

Nana is coming tomorrow (hoping not to have any flight delays). I get relief for 2 weeks thank you lord! She may even stay even longer depending on how things go and if she doesnt feel like going home. I'm cool with it.

Well, I'm watching What would Brian Boitano Make? which is the best show ever. Seriously it is! Everyone should watch it, makes people happy :)

I'm out.


  1. PS-- Ask your pedi-- that's because sleeping through the night is an aquqired skill, not one that cereal will help, that's one of those HUGE myths out there. :D Seems logical, but it's not true. ((HUGS))

  2. OOPS mispelled that! I meant it's a developmental milestone, the cereal thing is a myth.