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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who has 2 thumbs and doesnt give a shit that Corey Haim died?

Me! My god I hate the media and I loathe Hollywood even more. No one with possibly the exception of his mother and Corey Feldman gives a shit that Corey Haim died! If he'd died from natural causes or cancer or something then I'd feel bad but he was a junkie and it was because of his addiction that he died. Case closed, move on please. So sick of "flu like symptoms" COME ON! He was on freaking drugs that had nothing to do with the flu! UGH!!! Nyquil certainly didnt kill him, unless he drank 70 gallons of it.

Moving on, that was my morning rant but I feel another one brewing. Also today, Miss Charlotte has decided she is not going to sleep for more than 4 hours at a clip at night. I damn near had a nervous breakdown at 4AM. Mommy is TIRED.

Ok onto rant #2. Lindsay Lohan, PISS OFF WITH YOUR FRIVOLOUS LAW SUIT! Seriously? I mean SERIOUSLY? You think you're the only one with that horrible name? You are not Madonna, Cher or even Hoda so shut your hole! It's not all about YOU, it never was and never will be! No one in the world associated your horriblness with that commercial and anyone who says they did is a liar! Etrade needs to sue her lawyer and make them pay billions to the courts for even bringing this up, it's sad and pathetic and again, I will say to the media, STOP FEEDING INTO THIS! STOP REPORTING THESE STORIES! If they don't report them, then they'll GO AWAY!

Ok need to calm down and wait for a baby to wake up so we can get ready for a formula run.

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