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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Tomorrow is shot day. NOT looking forward to this at all. My little boys legs get all crampy and he just wails and wails.....Barry is taking the next 2 days off to help me deal with them in case of fevers and fussiness. They have both been sleeping weird the last couple days. It's about to become crib time. Soon, no more swings. Charlotte can sit herself up and they both hunch over which equals dangerous so easy time is over for us.

My mother in law is coming to visit next month. It is good that she's as laid back as she is. She is not fazed by twin meltdowns. March seems it will be a good month for company. After my MIL leaves, my mom will come and stay for 2 weeks. My bud Elisia is coming too!! This makes me happy indeed.

I wonder how much my friends really think I weigh? I love the undying support of some of them who tell me I only need to jog to loose my belly....How many times have you seen a grossly obese woman jog exactly?.......I'll la la.......*humming*.....EXACTLY! You don't! My knees were shot before I got pregnant and got worse and are now completely shattered. You think my fat ass is going jogging? Amusing indeed. I try and walk the babies an hour a day, granted not a fast walk but I still walk. Waiting for Barry to teach me how to use the Wii so I can attempt the Wii fit.

TMI so skip the next paragraph if it makes you uncomfortable.......

My boobs have gotten bigger (obviously) so my back is just wrecked. Now, if I wore a proper bra that may help if my post office would deliver my buggering Kohls package I might be set in that department. Lazy ass postal worker, puts the deliver slip in my box but doesnt bother DELIVERING THE PACKAGE! I'm wearing this maternity bra which does nothing but makes things worse.

Took the babies to see their daddy at work yesterday which tired them out something fierce for the remainder of the day. Today its gray and rainy so I'm hoping that makes them sleepy. We'll see.

I don't have anything of importance today, not that I do any day but still, I'm just tired as hell. These 2 have been sleeping weird lately so I'm all messed up.

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  1. I dunno what to say, being petite, but all these surgeries and ovarian cysts wreak havoc on my weight. I can go down or up 20lbs in 7-10 days, depending on what's growing on my ovary.