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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Again Jenna Bush Hager...STOP IT!

I showered before 7PM today! YAY! Ok, that IS cause for celebration. So today I found out I was approved for life insurance. Now I'm very happy about this. What I'm not happy about is that my rate is like $20 higher because I'm not back to my "pre-pregnancy" weight.....*ahem*....I HAD TWINS! For the love of God. Whatever, I should be grateful that I now know if something happens to me, my children will be taken care of.

Well yesterday was highly stressful. Both babies were up pretty much all day. Teenie seems to have cradle cap and it looks angry today. It's rather red and she now is scratching at it and that's troublesome to me. Her brother is just a little ball of love who wants his mommy 24/7 and it's just not able to happen and I feel bad. He's teething and just wants to be held all the time, his sister not only has the cradle cap but is very snuffy today which frustrates her to no end. She has a low tolerance for discomfort. Big pain she seems to tolerate like getting shots but the sniffles?? Forget it. I have to keep getting her with the saline solution and you'd think I was putting acid up her nose. Why are these 2 so dramatic? No drama queens on my side of the family ;)

Onto the news. Ok, Jenna Bush Hager.....GET OFF MY TV! She was at it again today. Now if any of you have ever watched "Unwrapped" on the Foodnetwork, you're familiar with the painful pausing known as Mark Summers. She sounds like that but with NO confidence. She just needs to go away. It's not something she's good at, period.

LOST was on last night and it made me SO happy. What a show. It makes no sense at all yet I have not missed an episode since it began. No season has made me stop watching unlike Hero's which lost me after season 2 for being pointless and sucking. It saddens me that this is the last for LOST and Supernatural. What the hell will we watch next year? Well, the Mentalist is pretty awesome so at least we have that for Thursdays.

Ok, well, Teenie is getting grumpy (shocking I know) and her brother needs to wake up soon so we can maybe get out for a walk.

Enjoy the day.

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