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Thursday, February 11, 2010

What's worse? Jenna Bush Hager or Kim Kardashian ruining my morning TV?

Kim Kardashian filling in for Kathie Lee today? OH COME ON!!!! That thing is "famous" for BEING PEED ON!!! Does anyone else remember this? Am I taking crazy pills?? She's famous for having sex and being peed on by Brandy's brother Ray Jay and for paling around with Paris Hilton. GROSS AND WRONG on to many levels! The things people are famous for in this country are horrifying. No one is recognized for anything positive anymore (with the exception of Clooney and Ellen), it's all about getting laid, doing drugs, killing or hurting someone or getting 10 plastic surgeries in 1 day. Bottom line, I think our countries priorities are MESSED UP. I'm not proud to be an American when we're known for horrible people who do disgusting things. Yeah I'm supposed to say "oh thank god our country is so great for having people in it like Heidi and Spencer, the Hilton sisters, all the Kardashians, Lohans and Jon Gosselin. What awesome role models and fabulous, caring citizens!"....Just makes me sick to my stomach. I wish I had a rocket so I could cart all those useless shitbirds in it and shoot them into the sun. What a better place we'd have. Granted, some asshole would end up the next flavor of the month and it would start all over again. Thanks media!.....*snort*

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are not having a good day. She's very congested and he's teething something fierce. Daddy is home with us today which is EXTREMELY helpful. It's nice having the extra pair of hands.

Trying to decide where we should move to. Where on the East coast are there any decent jobs? That's the first question I guess. I'm sad thinking we're going to leave So Cal. I love it here, it's been home for 8 years now, but I need to be closer to my folks and even my sibling....the idea is terrifying. How the HELL are we going to get 2 babies and 2 cats clear across the country in 1 piece without having a massive panic attack?? Oh yeah and 2 cars too....*sigh*. Guess I'll be like Scarlett and think about it tomorrow.

Have I mentioned how much I miss smoking? Yeah, been a year now since I quit smoking and I miss it terribly. I don't miss paying for them and yeah I'm sure I'm a million times healthier now but AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURGH I feel the need to smoke. Been feeling the need pretty much since the babies were born. Stress I guess. Been around smokers and to be honest, the smell really does make me physically ill now which is the positive but I was a 20 year smoker. How weird is that? I'm only 35! Now, I won't be smoking for sure but I still miss it, especially when I'm really stressed out with now.

Well, hopefully Monkey will get her tail wrapping off on Saturday (today's photo), which if not, we're all doomed. She's getting the current wrapping down bit by bit and no way are we going to put a cone on her head. Can you imagine? I'm curious to see if she's still diabetic too since the food change. She's clearly lost weight. I can tell at night when she comes to bed and walks across my body, it doesnt hurt as much as it used to. Poor fat Monkey.

I guess that is all I have for today...OH the winter Olympics begins tomorrow!! Why do I care? Not really sure but for some reason, I want to watch it.....maybe it's an age thing?

Ok Teenie having a meltdown. Peace.



  2. We're going to move, just dont know where yet.

  3. I vote for Rocky Hill. Nice little family town, good schools, lol. *wink wink

  4. yeah but are there jobs there?