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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Friday, please hurry!!

Oh my freaking lord, I am exhausted. Charlotte was up at 3:30AM for about 45 minutes. We went for a nice long stroll this afternoon, the weather was great, it was nice and cool out and the sun was shining. I turned on the iPod on my iPhone so that made the babies happy, listening to Jason Mraz while strolling. We came in and they both went down for their 2PM nap and approximately 37 minutes later, little girl woke up screaming like her ass was on freakin fire! She woke her brother up and he was such a trooper for about 3o minutes till he got pissy and wanted out. She freaked for a good 45 minutes, then calmed down enough for me to change and feed John. Then Elisia called so we got to having discussions til Charlotte started her shit yet again....*sigh* Kids are DRAINING! Now she's all passed out again, naturally since daddy will be home in an hour....god I love when 5PM hits, it's like my "it's almost over" moment.

Next week is a short week as far as me being alone. Barry will be home Thursday and Friday because the twins are getting their shots. When they do, it's not pretty and I need assistance. Especially with John who is inconsolable. His little legs cramp up and he screams and screams. Can't deal with 2 of them alone when they're both completely miserable.

I shot an email off to the Today Show about Jenna Bush. She was on again today, she interviewed Shaun White.....that poor kid, he even looked uncomfortable and he's a total people person. He wouldnt even look her in the eye. She is rather intensely creepy for sure.

Watching the LA Ink marathon on TLC...yeah, it's my soap opera. Tonight is the season premiere. Watching this is making me miss Los Angeles already and we havent even decided on where the hell we're moving to! No plans have been put in motion at all and I'm already sad? Yeah....I'm a sad sack.

Well, John is waking from his I go.

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