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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Instant coffee is not good

Our coffee maker has gone rogue. Piece of crap decides it's going to try and grind beans when there's nothing in it. Needless to say, I find that to be dangerous so it's not to be used anymore. What really sucks is that it's only a few months old! I shot a nasty email off to the people at Cuisenart. Probably won't hear back though. Sitting here drinking Folgers......not the tastiest stuff in the world but if I don't have any caffeine today, things will turn out worse than they should be.

Today's photo is of Miss Charlotte as a newborn, making drunk face after a feeding. I just showered so naturally the napping babies can smell that and they are starting to stir. Is that weird? It's like coffee to an adult. A clean mommy wakes them? I have weird kids.

Yesterday was an overall horrible day till I went to sleep. Both babies slept through the night. I think that was the first time for Teenie. Probably because she didnt sleep for shit all day yesterday and just kept screaming. Both were asleep by 10PM and she didnt wake up until 6AM. Bloody miracle.

Things to bitch about today....well, Sarah Palin for one. Will this redneck, inbred piece of shit shut the fuck up please? What the hell is wrong with people? Why is anyone listening to her? I truly believe anyone who thinks this woman is even remotely intelligent is equally as intelligent as her children. Note I didnt come right out and say it?...yeah you get my meaning. People really feel she should be running our country? Christ sake, we'd be better off having a dead possum run things, it would probably be more efficient. My god, this country has become a damned joke, it's just sad.

Speaking of jokes, this whole "sex addiction" shit that I keep hearing about? It's AN EXCUSE FOR MEN TO SLEEP AROUND! I am even upset with Dr. Drew for defending this shit. If a woman sleeps around, she's a whore. If a man does it, it's "sex addiction"...go to HELL! I am sick of the double standard in this country! It's nothing but justifying being a douche bag, period. I keep waiting to hear about a female celebrity using this excuse for her behavior. Havent seen that yet. Some fired asshole ESPN asshat was on the Today Show yesterday whining about his sexual addiction that got him and some 22 year old intern fired. I saw she moved on with her life. He's just a jerk. I'm not defending the 22 year old who slept with a married man, she's an idiot too, BUT she could've said "Well, I'm a sex addict so sleeping with someone married or not, I cant help it because I have a problem"...NO ONE would've bought that load, it would've been "What a slut" blah blah blah......I could go on about this shit for DAYS, believe me.

Well, Teenie is in her bumbo chair trying to poop, I hear all manner of groaning and straining going on.....yeah, poop is my life. She already threw up on me. Not that I care.

Oh yeah, Valentines day is coming.....don't care. Hallmark holiday. All a scam.


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