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Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday....bloody hell. Barry decided it would be a keen plan to take the babies to Target Friday night. Normally, I go by myself and this past week, I had a very large list of items we needed. Well, taking them with us proved to doom me permanently. They've been off schedule ever since. Charlotte keeps going to bed and then waking up an hour later, then she wakes up another 2 times during the night.....REALLY not pleased about this. I've been up pretty much since 3AM. Had a hard time getting back to sleep after she was up at 2AM. She didnt want to go back down after Barry fed her so I had to get her to sleep.

I'm really down lately, mainly over the way I look. Been walking everyday but I look so much bigger than before. I guess it's from the pregnancy. All the weight is now collected in the middle and I look like Grimace. Freaking disgusting. Really bummed about this. Plus I don't physically feel "right" lately either. Not sure if it's just the weight or that on top of added "where are we going to live and how are we going to live" stress....I really want to start smoking again. I need some sort of vice.

Question of the day...why is it that men need to sneeze so loud? I've known a lot of men who feel the need to sneeze so loudly it wakes the dead. It is completely illogical. Barry sneezes so loud that just this morning, he woke Charlotte out of a dead sleep and she screamed and cried and then he wondered why it was I wanted to punch him in the throat....hmmmmmmmmmm....What the hell man? There's no reason, NONE, not at all, no logical reason what so ever to make that much noise. So dumb.

Well, the weekend was uneventful with the exception of Monkey not going to the vet for once and we've slightly regained her trust...won't last long.

Oh crap, I'm going to be 36 in a week. Bugger. That sucks. How am I going to spend my birthday? Doing what I do normally, taking care of babies and being angry and bitter. JOY!

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