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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another morning show ruined by "the pauser"

NO MORE JENNA BUSH HAGER REPORTING EVER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! Today she was yapping about the snow boarding US chick whose name escapes me. It was beyond terrible. She is officially the Marc Summers of the Today Show with her horrible pausing and her shaky voice. She looks SO much like her father it makes me sick to my stomach. Bottom line and I'll move on, she's just not good. I'll be sending an email to the Today Show people later on when I have some time. Seriously, what are her credentials? Other than her useless father being the ex-president whom I did not vote for. Cheney probably threatened some CEO of NBC that he was going to take them hunting or something unless they hired her to report crap every week......blech.

Miss Teenie had a pretty successful nights sleep. She passed out around 9:30 and woke up at 5AM for a feeding. She is officially on a big girl bottle now. Granted she still only eats about 5OZ at a time but if she's a little more peckish, she can have more since it's a 9OZ bottle. She had a fever yesterday but it didnt stick around long thankfully. She's not one for discomfort. Her brother likes to sleep through unpleasantness, she likes to stay up and make the rest of the world as miserable as she is.

At the moment they are both napping, I got in a shower, a load of laundry, made the bed and cleaned the bathroom. Successful....indeed.

I'm getting lonely without anyone to talk to during the day. I talk to the babies all day and read to them but they don't say a lot back yet. I'm sure I should be quiet about that since soon they'll never shut up but y'all know what I mean.

It is so bloody dry, I cannot stop sneezing and using saline spray. Charlotte is now used to me using saline spray on her, she doesnt freak out any longer, just lets me do it and then sniffs and smiles.

Well, back to laundry and picking life is EXCITING! least Ellen is on at noon instead of 4 so I have something to laugh at earlier! :)

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  1. OMG...the not talking to anyone, it's the worst! AND being in a new state, nearly 5,000 miles from my family and my girls talk about their "E-ga" (grandma) all the time...**sobs**...and Joe does not handle my crying well. :(

    Jenna (LuckIrishTwinsMom)