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Friday, February 19, 2010

a letter to Tiger Woods

Dear Tiger Woods,

Shut the hell up. No crap you felt entitled to fool around on your wife, the only thing you're upset about is the fact that you got caught! You refused to answer any questions because you are a big pussy. That is only part of what you are. Pussy, coward, loser, asshole, creep and jerk. Even your poor mother couldn't look you in the face during your "speech" that someone else obviously wrote for you since you looked shocked a few times as you were reading it. Especially the part about how you are learning that you're NOT entitled to act the way you do. I could see in your eyes, you've learned nothing from any of this. I have a feeling we'll never hear the end of your shenanigans. Hell, some illiterate porn star is already on the news claiming you owe HER an apology because she "loves" you and you "love" her. I may vomit from all this terribleness. You sir, suck. Truly suck.

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