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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day? Yeah, really don't care about that one....

Diabetes cat no longer has the diabetes!!! She went to the vet today and has lost almost 2 pounds!! Can you believe that? Her blood sugar went from like 320 to 180 in a month! This is very pleasing. What is not pleasing is that the vet put some bullshit liquid band aid on her tail and she's almost completely picked it off. It looks SO GROSS, all red like an open wound. They said it was "healed" but I'm not convinced. I don't understand why they felt the need to remove SO much skin when they took off the cyst. Really pissed and concerned about this. Also, they sent home some "pro-biotic" crap. In other words, it's ACTIVIA FOR CATS! Hell no. I am annoyed that they suckered Barry into taking this shit home. I can give her yogurt if they want her to have the damned culture. I love that they claim that animal won't know its in their food....idiots. Even my starving fat cat knows there's crap in her food....morons.

Highlight of my day? I saved close to $60 on cat food. Had a buy 1 get 1 free coupon from Centenela Pet pet store EVER. They have everything and you get kick ass coupons every month.

We spent a better of the evening in the car. Drove to the Valley to pick up some baby stuff that Jay and Brenna wanted to get rid of and they babies were being SO horrid all afternoon I felt that the car would be a good plan....I was right! They slept basically the entire time. Even gave us enough time to go to In and Out and eat dinner while it was HOT!!!! Got home, madam was so asleep she was snoring so we gave himself a bath and then she woke up and got they're asleep.

My Aunt Louise (Aunt as in moms friend but not a blood relative but you know what I mean) sent the babies blankets that she made and they're so cute. He got a Bob the Builder blankie and she has a kitty one. So sweet. My Aunt also sent me a Koala that my Grandfather got her while she was in college with my mom so that means a lot. It's 45 years old and in really good condition. My mom was a little choked up about it when I told her.

Well it's ice cream time and then off to bed while screaming at the cat to leave her bloody tail alone.....*sigh*

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