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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday? Need it to be Friday already

So yesterday we took a very long walk, it was supposed to be "cold"...hardly, there wasnt a cloud in the sky and it was so warm I was able to take Johns socks off. After the walk, I had a grumpy boy and a sleepy Teenie. Daddy decided we had to take them to dinner. Big mistake. Mommy didnt get to eat her dinner till 10PM, after we got home and babies had baths. Remind me never to order food that will require me having to cut it when taking the babies to a restaurant. Not going to happen with twins. It's not like you can just pass off the baby to your spouse so you can eat. Nope, especially when both are awake and pissed off. Needless to say, mommy was one angry, bitter lady. Not cool when you're hungry and there's the plate in your face and you can't eat, could've stayed home and not eaten for free. John was again an excellent sleeper while Miss Thang was awake at 1AM and around 4AM for midnight snacks. I heard her babbling in her swing (yes they're still sleeping in the swings so sue me) after Daddy fed her during the 4AM shift.c Once she starts sleeping through the night like her brother, we'll all be very happy. It's nap time at the moment and I was able to squeeze in a shower before her majesty woke up needing to eat an ounce and try and sleep on the mommy for the morning. Fail. Stuck her back in her swing. She's trying very hard not to wake up and wants nothing more than to be attached to me physically 24/7 which if I had not had 2, I'd probably allow it because I'm a sucker.

Ok, onto other things today. Hoda and Kathie Lee had guys tell all today. Kathie Lee really? Showing us pictures of your husband hanging out in Victoria Secret and then telling us he wasnt interested in the models? Oh lady, really? I think you're probably a nice lady but that's really gullible. Especially remembering the past "indiscretions"....Whatever, both Kathie Lee and Hoda looked really lovely in white today and the panel of men were amusing, mainly Curtis Stone and Chuck Nice. Don't know who the other 2 dudes are but they're boring and the one author guy is rather a dick. Curtis keeps it honest and Chuck brings in the humor, they should just have those 2 doing the segments.

My complaint (ok one of my complaints) of the day...Commercials only using the same assholes all the time. I hate seeing the same people in commercials. I have a hard time believing some lady is depressed and on anti depressants while she's hocking Nintendo DS and Babybel cheese and taking Prilosec within the last hour. With all the talent and struggling actors out there, why the hell do they keep using the same 5 asshole people in commercials? I find it very annoying and kind of insulting to be honest.

Since deciding to leave my job and become a stay at home mom, I see a LOT of the news these days, way more than I ever used to. News reporters are indeed HORRIBLE, they all sound like "Asian reporter Tricia Takunawa" from Family Guy and that's a damned JOKE! There are no good news stories anymore and when there are, they're pretty lame and beaten to death. News media only wants one thing, to keep the country scared and paranoid and talk about loser celebrities. Well, I can see why that would work on some people for sure! You beat the same shit into someones head 30 times a day, it's bound to sink in. So far today I've heard the same story about 10 times now about some porn star Tiger Woods slept with ....WHY IS THIS NEWS?? Who cares that the little golfing twit slept with women who sleep around FOR MONEY? He's a pathetic loser! I had some respect for his wife for trying to kill him in the beginning but now that I heard she's staying with him, I'm overly disgusted. He couldve give her AIDS! No damned joke, he could have killed her by sleeping around and you know the only thing he's pissed about is getting caught. He was an ugly dorky little golfing kid who girls wouldnt give the time of day to and once he got rich, the (using this term loosely here) ladies decided he was "hot". My god he truly is that stupid isnt he? That or he felt he was entitled to stick it wherever he pleased because he was rich. Just horrible. Not only that but the (again, using it loosely here) ladies who he slept with? All whores and idiots! My god, women will never, ever get ahead because of that kind of shit.

Ok, I guess I should get onto my day now. Little boy needs to be woken from his nap and fed and changed while his sister is actually asleep.


  1. Not being able to eat when you're starving happens with one baby too. You've each got to hold one baby while you eat.

  2. Did that but my dinner needed to be cut up and that wasnt happening with 1 hand