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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Dear Evite, what the hell? I got 3 damned Evites yesterday. Now, I am NOT that popular, this I know. What I find most annoying is you know how you can see who else was invited to events? Well, when I see the contents of someones ENTIRE address book, you then know that you are SO not special.
I am not only NOT going to any of these events but am feeling kind of insulted. I know at least for one of them that the person probably has no idea that I was even invited and wouldnt want me there anyway. Not like we're really "friends". He's never invited us over, never called to say hello, just whined at me when he needed something done at the office. Plus, I can hardly find time to eat anymore, let alone plan on going out! Not happening. I hate people but I love gatherings, unfortunately, the gatherings are going to be less and less now that I have 2 kids. *sigh*

What else? Well, Monkey was supposed to get her tail wrapping off today...didnt happen. They re-wrapped it. Poor damned creature. She no longer trusts my husband, because, well, he's the asshole who keeps taking her out of the house. She's no dummy!

Well, mommy is in a shitty mood today and doing marathon laundry while sitting through Twilight....WHY the hell am I watching this movie? It's horrible! Oh yeah, its this or golf...guess I'll take crappy writing and acting over fools hitting a ball with a stick.

Enjoy the weekend.

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