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Monday, February 15, 2010

Like my feet werent big enough to begin with??

I have big feet. Like mammoth clod hoppers and they got bigger after having twins. Like they needed to get bigger?? I didnt really realize this until I tried to put my sneakers on last week. Epic fail! I wore flip flops through my entire pregnancy because I was horribly swollen so I had no idea how much they grew! I even just tried on my husbands sneakers (he was always half a size bigger than me) just to see and NOPE! I've gone up an entire size! At the moment I have on my New Balance sneakers hoping they'll be OK since they were always a bit loose. *sigh*....I have a feeling band aids are in my future for today. I will have some gnarly blisters by days end.

Charlotte has some serious eczema on her little legs. I think she's allergic to oats too. The doctor told us to use Eucerin so I got some but I made the mistake of also using the Aveeno on top of it and it made her look even more itchy and uncomfortable. Poor baby! She's congested almost 24/7. Not sure if it's the weather or a combo of dust and cat hair. I'd think if it was the cats, she'd be sneezing all the time when they're near but she doesnt react at all if they're in the room. Hell, I held her in bed with me for a little bit yesterday and our bed is COATED in fur, not a sniffle at all from her. I'm thinking it's the dust and unseasonable warm weather after all the rain. I swear, I need to dust daily to keep up! Let me tell you, this kid does not like getting her nose cleared out! You'd think I'm killing her when I use saline or the aspirator on her. Her brother likes it when you pick his nose, he thinks it's funny. Boys are weird.

John's 4 hour naps seem to be a thing of the past. He now sleeps maybe an hour. I told Barry that he needs to keep the twins on a normal schedule on the weekends even if it tortures him and screws with his plans. Shit, you mess with a baby's ritual and all hell breaks loose. I told him that. They go for a walk at noon almost everyday and nap around 2PM. If that gets interrupted, I hope you're ready to deal with 2 pissed off and very loud babies. Oy vey. Basically I get up, drink coffee, watch babies and talk to them. John gets mad first, eats a little and goes back down by 8AM. Charlotte follows soon after. She'll sleep maybe 45 minutes tops. He can go up till 10AM depending but lately that hasnt happened. Then we eat and put on the days outfit and play. Then around 11:30 they both get pissy....then I take them on a walk around noon and I take my sweet time and a pretty long route. Sometimes they sleep, other times they stay awake for the whole thing. We get in and they're both hot and cranky so we eat and put on a "cleanie" (diaper) and we nap by 2PM if we're lucky. Again, she may only go for 45 minutes. If he's really really tired. He'll stay down till like 5PM. Then daddy comes home just in time for more crankiness!!! YAY Daddy!!!

Well, no time to go into bitching about other topics today, Miss Sniffly is waking from her nap.

I will say 1 thing though. Really Southwest??? Seriously? You booted the loudest fatty on the planet and don't think this is going to create some negative press for you?? IDIOTS! Kevin Smith is one loud mofo and he will be heard whether you like it or not! Fine if you have a policy but you should have more tact for petesake! You offered him $100 voucher? Oh my sweet and fluffy lord are you all out of your minds? I take it y'all had no clue who the hell he was and just thought he was a loud fat dude. MAJOR EPIC FAIL!

Off to to find some new sneakers....blah.

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