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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The sun is shining, need to hit Target and watch Ellen on American Idol.......Ugh so much I need to do today...

I thought "da da" was supposed to be babies first words.....not in this house it isnt! "mom" has come out of both of them and "MOMMEEEEEEEEEE" I have heard already and my kids arent even 4 months old yet. I know all mothers say this but my kids are bloody BRILLIANT, totally and for sure.

So far today I have showered, running the dishwasher, threw in some laundry that actually wasnt baby stuff and cleaned the stove. Totally accomplished..oh and I made the bed. Hell, I didnt even get that far yesterday. The sun is out and I'd like to take the kids to Target today. We'll see. Need D batteries for the swings. His is about to shit the bed. Oh crud, forgot I need gas too. Damnit...I hate the idea of leaving the kids in the car even for a second while I pump gas. Is that mental?

Still drinking my Folgers Crystals...I find it's not as jarring if I use less crystals and more sugar and soy milk. I still get my buzz on.

Ok, took a break for a couple hours, just took the babes to Target which was very successful indeed. So, why did no one tell me that McDonalds sold iced coffee and that I could get one the size of my head for $2?? Holy crapoly this is making me happy today. It's not the best in the world but I didnt have to get out of my car and that's HUGE.

Well now both babies are overly stimulated and pissed off, trying to get them to take a nap, HA! Any minute now one of my neighbors will call social services because of the crying......whatever.

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