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Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Friday Friday!!!

Like a hyper spazz knowing that at 6PM, Daddy will be home and I will have help for 48 hours! *tappity tappity*Hence the happy baby photo of the day. :) I swear, no one has ever looked at me the way that my daughter does. I know my husband loves me but even he's never looked at me the way she does.

It's a rainy, dark day in Los Angeles today. It's winter, blah. Been up since 5:30AM when madam woke up screaming her brains out. I like how her brother wakes up. He opens his eyes and stretches, unless he's pooped himself, then he wakes up screaming.

I don't have a lot to discuss yet today, woke up pissed off and I'm exhausted and would like nothing more than to sleep for 12 hours uninterrupted. Not likely. Monkey gets her bandages off her tail tomorrow thank god. She's been trying to bite the thing off for the last few days which has done nothing but make me hysterical. Cats are making me insane. I notice now that I get pissed when they do things like walk across the babies play mats, like I find it gross. Stuff like that never bothered me before. Now I guess knowing that they've been in their litter boxes, it makes me itch thinking of them scratching litter and walking on baby stuff. *gag* So I bust out the Clorox anyplace stuff and spray away every time I see it happening. I also get grossed out when baby blankets fall on the floor when I havent vacuumed in a few days. Holy shit, I wonder if I'm turning into my mother?, still not where near the OCD that she has.

Well, news wise the only thing so far that's going on today is the paparazzi is camped out by that doctors house who killed Michael Jackson...yawn. Wish they'd put that shit to rest already. They're still talking about Heidi Montag's 10 what if she's an insecure media whore? Now she's going to try and be the next Pamela Anderson with her giant DD breasts. YAWN! Hollywood is pathetic as hell.

Frances Reid from Days of Our Lives passed away. That's sad. She was a neat old lady. Not that I've watched that show in the last 10 years now but still, she was iconic on that show.

More randomness, I think I need to invest in some sort of girdle. My back is KILLING me and I need some sort of support, it's my stomach muscles pulling it to death. Especially since they were hacked apart from the c section and not ever going to fuse back together properly. That and constantly picking up babies and putting them down is taking it's toll. Bath time is murderous. Can't take a muscle relaxer unless Barry is around or I'll pass out.

Time to pick up while there's napping taking place.

Stay dry people.


  1. HaHa. "Now I guess knowing that they've been in their litter boxes, it makes me itch thinking of them scratching litter and walking on baby stuff. *gag*" It's a mom thing.

  2. Remember when we'd let Simon put his paws on our faces? *blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg*