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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No sleep make Nora go crazy...

This is a photo of something that was NOT happening in my house last night. I'm exhausted. John for the first time in a long time, did not sleep through the night. Both babies went to bed around 9PM, about 30 minutes earlier than usual. John woke up at 11PM screaming, Barry got him...then around 1AM there was screaming again! I got him...then at 3:30AM Charlotte decided she was hungry so we both woke up, I started to feed her and Barry decided he'd take over so I didnt completely lose my mind. At the moment they are both napping. I don't count on this lasting all that long. I got out of the shower and John was laying in his swing with his eyes open...he closed them again but it's not a good sign. We went out for 2 hours yesterday, an hour walk and then a McDonalds iced Mocha run...Some woman was ordering like a thousand things in the drive thru and Charlotte got a might bit testy and started wailing in the car. I notice when we're out driving that they're both happy and content until we stop for any reason, then there's bitching.

Well, I'm exhausted. Not a lot to report for today, just really tired.

Oh, LOST....what a mind screw that is eh?

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